What is the SAR?

Since 1980, the SAR (formerly ANCR) has been defending the interests of debt collection and commercial intelligence professionals. Carrying strong values such as ethics, solidarity, respect, excellence, and transparency, we have become a reference within the profession. Today, as the first community of debt collection and commercial Intelligence businesses, the SAR plays a key role in a better financing of the Economy.


Joining the SAR, is a guarantee of reliability and respectability for your clients. You ensure them your commitment to our code of ethics thanks to our SAR logo on every commercial documents and website that  prove your membership. This membership allows you to promote your activity and to ensure its quality and ethics on a daily basis.

The SAR in 4 key points:

40 years of expertise

For over 40 years, we have been providing our members with all the regulatory expertise.

Annual Congress on 17 June

Let's meet on June 17, 2021 to celebrate our 40th birthday at our Annual Congress.

1st union of the profession

France's leading professional union and a founding member of the FENCA.

60+ members

More than 60 members and associate members already trust us.

Why should you join?

1. Stay up-to-date with the evolutions of the profession

We provide you with precise and targeted information on our profession at the legal, economic and social levels.

2. Being supported while defending your interests

Our specialized expertise in this field enables us to advise and respond to any of your problem.

3. Joining a wide network

Our network includes companies all specialized in the same field, with a majority of business owners.

4. Developing and referencing your business

You will be listed in our directory with a link to your own company websites. You will have your own member space.

Our testimonials

"Joining the SAR is both an opportunity to gain a acknowledgement and a significative support in our daily activity. The SAR has indeed a leading role and constitutes a reference source among our new customers and new prospects."

Bouchra Abagri,
"We must support as many companies as possible in order to help them in their recovery procedures without breaking the business relationship. The SAR gives us the key to succeed.  "

Franck Duchesne


Our commitments

The SAR is the reference trade union for debt collection and commercial intelligence in France.

The information

Keep developing the reputation of the profession and improve its brand image with individuals, companies and media.

Defense of the profession

Defend the interests of the profession with public authorities and employee organisations, by influencing the regulatory development of the profession.

Listening and dialogue

Promote communication and exchange within the profession in order to create a real synergy. We also regularly exchange with social partners, public authorities and European and international bodies.


One-off partnerships to serve you better according to stakes at the moment (GDPR, software, insurance, etc.).

A directory

Be listed in our directory with a link to your own company website, and a member area.

Certificates of professional qualifications

To train genuine specialists in our professions, or even participate in training days.

The SAR congress

This year the SAR, formerly ANCR, celebrates its 40th anniversary! Participate in the CONGRESS of the Syndicat des Acteurs du Recouvrement on 17 June 2021.

17th June 2021
9.00 am - 7.00 pm
Verrière de Lubeck
XVIème Paris

Our partners

"In addition to a label, a guarantee of seriousness and respectability with your clients, the SAR offers you precise and regular information on the evolution and future of the profession, and allows you to defend its interests."

Thierry Gingembre
President of the SAR